Monday, November 11, 2013

:: An Introduction::

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb. 

 Hi korang... 

I am freaking new to this blog world. What made me to set up this blog is all thanks to this idea from my crazy cum partner in crime no 2, Saleha. Ok, before I go on with my story let me introduce myself. My name Sri Rifana, aged 28 this year and am a mother of 1 handsome boy named Joshua aka Jaisyullah. Unique tp pelik sikit kan nama anak saya? Hmmm,saya janji saya akan ceritakan pasal dia di lain blog.

My Harry Porter :: Always do magic in my life # LOVE 2

His Birthday Night # LOVE 3

Prata Fav #LOVE 4

Raya Day 1 #LOVE 5
Ok, wat made me to finally settle my mind to open up a blog is due to my friend's wild idea. Sbb saya ni suka makan...errrr...bkn PBG eh, suka explore makanan baru ke lama ke, suka masak utk kawan n family. So she suggest that i do a FOODBLOG!! OMG! I am gonna be a FOODBLOGGER!! Hahahaha! Macam paham jer..mcm real jer... k, irritating syasya commercial pls stop!! 

:: Inspired by #Google taken ::

So due to that idea, i decided to name my blog EAT. PRAY. LOVE. It is not only evolved around food, but abit of Islamic info and sharings...That explains the word,PRAY. And also, there is LOVE.. stories that features around my family and friends..those beloved people around me.

So now, emmmm... im still pondering on which makan place to share, mainly at local restaurants. Food kakis who wish to find new and interesting places, more importantly Halal, can look up this blog of mine. I will have a food partner..the crazy girl who gave me this crazy idea...who will be in most of my pics. There she is... In one of our foodventure and selfies!
Us! #LOVE 6

Waiting for her to order #LOVE 7
She's right Pastamania Paya Lebar! #LOVE 8 aka Saleha Soffyan

Insya Allah, more to come. Check out for more halal food here in Singapore... more Love stories from my family and friends and ofcos, some Prayers for our well beings.

Signing out!

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