Thursday, February 6, 2014

#Eat 3# ::The One and Only Halal Krispy Kremme In Singapore ::


hi peeps! It has been some time that I heard that Krispy Kremme is already halal here in Singapore. But, I have no time to venture and find out that place as it was located somewhere at town. So yesterday....hehehe, while Saleha and me were out doing some errands for work, well, we reroute our destination to Orchard Rd! And yes, we did find the doughnuts!!! Check it out!!

Look at that! There is stuffed kit kat, red velvet, caramel filling, chocolate topped with creamcheese and numerous kinds of doughnuts!! And...yes...the Halal Logo! Valid till 30th Nov 2014. (Hmmm.....wondering why they did not just validate till end of Dec '13?? Y must it expire till Nov? Like duhh.....!?)

So, wanna know what did we get for ourselves? *hmmm...grinning...ear to ear...*

Tadaaaaaa! ----->>

#Eat3 #Mine From Top Left : Presenting Choc Kit Kat, Cinnamon Twist, Caramel Filling with Choc Topping, Cashew Crush with Cream Cheese, Cookies and Cream Crumble and Original Glazed.

#Eat3 # Saleha's presenting from Top left : Caramel Filling with Choc Topping, Cinnamon Twist, Caramel Filling With Choc, Cookies and Cream Crumbled and Choc Kit Kat.

Well, I ate the original 1st. It was 4/5. Nice and Sweet. A very safe creation. 2nd was Caramel Filling wif Choc Topping...also 4/5. Melting Caramel filling.. Choc Kit kat was first chose by my son. He loved it so much that nothing was given to me except his stained mouth and chocolate teeth. The Cinnamon twist and Cookies and cream Crumbled still safe in its box. Hehehehe! Have not yet eaten! But according to Saleha, the Cookies and Cream Crumbled is not that nice as it looks. And was given 1/5. So sad!

Price : Assorted Dozen pcs : $26.50.
Price : Original Dozen pcs : $23.50.

Eerrmmm... what else ya... oh yes! Our drinks..!

#Eat3 #Chocolate Chiller
#Eat 3 #Caramel Chiller
Saleha's verdict for the Chiller : 5/5. 
Mine : 3/5. 

Each cost : $5.30. 

Why it's a 3 to me cos it makes me cough after I drank it. Asthmatic Cough!! Terrible!! Saleha told me it was due to the Cocoa Powder but I don't taste anything powdery? Hhmmmm...........never mind......

Overall: It is super sweet! Strictly not for diabetic patients...hehehe! But suitable for not so sweet ladies like me to add more sweetness in us. Hehehehe! 

You can locate them at : 

Tangs Orchard

Basement 1 Shop 2
310 Orchard Road
Singapore 238864

Thanks Saleha for your company!! 

Signing off, 

~ A One-day-Niqabi Experience ~ (for now....(",*)..)


#1st try at home
Hello korang! Ya Allah…lama benar I hilangkan diri menyepi tanpa berita terkini..(“ eh, rhyme la pulak..!”)… Hmm..bnyk sangat benda nak update kat blog ni.. sampaikan tak tau nk update ape dulu… nk update pasal makan… pasal tudung..pasal life… so, I da consider and main Long Cam Pas dengan diri I sendiri.. I nak share ngan u’ols, my experience as a Niqabi on this one particular random day. 

 Ok, sbnrnya macam ni…. I mmg suka la..curious gitu dengan wanita-wanita pakai Niqab ni.. macamane dorang makan..dorang minum..dorang pakai niqab tu..macamane dorang…u know…live with it la. So…this is what I found. 

I rasa, a niqabi is a very strong lady who muster all her courage to go thru all the stares, the awkward moment when everyone is looking at her, waiting for her to eat or drink… just to see her beauty underneath her veil. To me, yes, I felt a bit awkward but I did my best to act normal…eat normally, drink normally, talk normally….but, memandangkan I asthmatic, it was hard for me to breathe normally. Tak tau la kalau niqab I salah position ke..kain tebal ke…Wallaahu a’laam.. But, I am sure, that was not going to be my first and the last…there will surely be a next time, In Shaa Allah. 

Credits to my companion..bukan setakat kawan makan je tau….kawan niqab jgk! Hehehe! Thanks kak!

#Niqabi Saleha #Best Companion

#Niqabi Sri #My 1st Unforgettable Precious Experience

Signing Off Niqabis,