Monday, November 11, 2013


As Salaamu Alayk

As promised, here I am, eager to share with you, this place which to me, is very rarely heard of. The first time I got to know about this place is when Saleha and I, went for shopping around Arab Street, Singapore. We were actually looking for some fabrics and gifts for my mom's birthday. It was a scorching weather and we had a very long day. And so, we were actually looking for something to drink...something refreshing. So, surprisingly as we were blindly looking at roads to cross, I saw something. A very vibrant shop with red, orange and lime green walls.. lined with a pair of lime green tall tables. My legs were suddenly walking towards it and found myself standing right in front of it. Both of us, were excited! 

Just beside Village Hotel. Previously known as Golden Landmark Shopping Centre.

No 118 Arab St Spore 199813

Located at 118 Arab St, this shop is just along the roadside towards the main road of 4 junction heading to Bugis Junction, Victoria St and Rochor Rd.

As it is our 1st time, we are not too sure what to order. But we do know that we need a drink badly! And so, Saleha decided on trying their Caramel Frappe...(She was a caramel freak loyal and faithful lover..) and I set on..errrrmmmmmm........aaaaaaaaaahhhh...I'm sorry I cant remember if mine was a passionfruit milkshake, if I'm not mistaken. 
Where is your drink???
With the drink that I forget its name...Duhh!

Mine was supposedly topped with a whipped cream. But the salesgirl said it just finished. So I requested for an ice-cream topping instead! And yes she agreed ! For free! Bcos, you know, we paid for it the full price with the supposedly whipped cream. And it is not our fault right that it's finished? We just request for a change or substitute, I would say. 

Different toppings well laid and very clean. Most Importantly, it is HALAL! MUIS Certified!

Waiting patiently. Human traffic very low at this time... maybe it is closing or just open. I don't know!

NO! They are not liquor..they are syrups presented in nice bottles..
Their handheld signature waffle

I look up for them at Google and found their FB Page =>

Got some of their pics downloaded and paste it here for easy reference.

Gulpp!! This looks better than the one they pasted on their counter!! 



How can this not fell? only melts in your mouth....hmmmmm! Yummeh!

And they initiate their own Halloween Sweet Treats!! Cool right?!

So, there it is, my 1st writeup on my foodventure. Overall, I rate my drink 5/10.. maybe due to my tiredness, I cant really think on what's best to drink and randomly choose just to quench my thirst. It doesn't really met my expectation. I guess I have to return to this place and get my hands on the signature waffle.

Wait for my next entry to find out my next foodventure.

Signing off!

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