Wednesday, November 27, 2013

:: Bosan ::


Hati ni sarat je rasa. Tak tau sarat dengan ape. Perasaan ape yang melanda..wallaahu a'laam. Tapi macam nak nangis...nak pekik....nak lari kuat-kuat...tapi kaki tak boleh nk gerak...

Ya Allah...perasaan apakah yang kau landakan atas hati ku ini. Sekiranya ini bersifat sementara, keluarkanlah ya Allah.. 

Belum jumpa...belum kenal..tapi hati ni macam terpaut.. atau adakah ini sekadar mainan perasaan? Adakah ini sekadar singgahan sementara? Adakah ini nikmat yang Allah nak kasi? Kalau nikmat, kenapa dada macam sesak je? Astaghfirullaah.....ya Allah.....redakanlah hati ini..... tenangkanlah jiwa ini... lapangkan minda ku Ya Allah...

Sekiranya dia bukan milikku, pertemukan kami di Syurga Mu ya Allah... Sekiranya ini adalah cara utk Kau pelihara diriku dari terjebak dalam dakapan maksiat....Alhamdulillah... aku bersyukur ya Allah... Mungkin dengan cara ini akan aku lebih menghargai hubungan ini...

Ok Sri....relax.. tenangkan hati....tenangkan diri kau yang tengah kecamuk ni...In Shaa Allah.. All is Well! 

huhuhu..... :")

Layan..... ===>>>

(Indah Pertiwi)

Jejak-jejak langkahku
Bagaikan lemran waktu
Apakah ku masih bisa terus melangkah
Serpihan hihupku ‘kan ku bangun
di atas satu cinta
Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Selalu dihatiku
Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Selalu dihatiku
Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Subhanallah aku mencintainya
Subhanallah aku menyayanginya
Dari ufuk timur hingga ke barat
Selalu dihatiku

Monday, November 18, 2013

Eighteen Chef #EAT2

Salam Dearies and Gorgeous, 

today's entry is  #EAT 2 at Eighteen Chef at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Eighteen Chefs have workers who have conviction backgrounds and were one troubled and challenged youths. They were brought in to Eighteen Chefs to make them realise their talent in Food and Beverage Industry and to reintegrate into the society. And that was all about it that I know about Eighteen Chef. however, we are going to know more one we set our foot right in it. 

I cant remember when that Saleha and I went here. But we were so hungry that day that we decided to give it a try. The ambience is welcoming with red sofas and chairs and yellow lightings  The menu is somehow abit confusing as we can actually decide to have our own choice of dish out of our own creation. And so we have to take the risk of what we have chosen. But fortunately, there are some ala carte dish that we can still choose from and I decided to try, Tom Yam Macaronni and Home Made Ice Lemon Tea. 
#EAT Tom Yam Macaroni
Hey! It looks rather bland tho, but, it makes me keep thinking of it till this very minute. I was so stumped by the taste bcos it was very delicious. I mean for a tom yam lover, I would give this a 4.5/ 5. And the was normal and acceptable kind. Ouh, and the price was reasonable too!

Saleha decided to set on Curry Fish with Rice... Actually, I forgot what she ordered but...looking at the picture, it looks like curry and fish. Hahaha! Sorry beb!


#EAT Saleha, is this Fish Curry u eat?

Well friends, I forgot to ask Saleha how is the taste to her. But, more importantly, our stomachs are filled and we are definitely happy! Especially Me! 

Signing Off, 


What a day to start the week??!!

Assalamualaikum Deariessssss.....

lama  tak borak kat blog ni la haii.... sejak kebelakangan ni, sibuk memanjang! Sibuk kerja...sibuk makan.. sibuk pergi jemputan...sume la sibuk! 

Hari ni pun sibuk jugak! Datang-datang kerja Saleha ni jerit kat I..Sri! Pc tak bole on!! Camane nk buat kerja ni.....? Senang jer....tkya buat keja la...Hehehe! 

Dah tu, ape yang dah happening kat fikiran si Leha ni...hari ni dia belikan I prata kat kedai mamak belakang factory tu. Hmmm...tengah lapar kan...ape lagi ngapla kejap... Sekali si Leha plak....''Alamak! Bau kambing la.....''aku pn relax je la sbb aku mmg boleh la jgk makan kambing. Tapi sejurus saja prata yang dicecah dhalca kambing masuk ke mulut dan dikunyah.....ya kambing ape se dorang masak mcm ni! Punyela bauu!! Terus tak jadi makan..rasa nak muntah...buang kat plastik. Ade part yg tak kene kari kambing tu saya habiskan... 

Dah tu.....pegi kantin. Seb baik Cik Suzana ada jual makanan. So kita beli nasi ayam penyet la. Alhamdulillah, bila da kenyang, boleh start nk buat kerja.

Sekali.......ada hal lain pulak! Internet plak tk bole pakai! Aku laaa jgk kene on off modem tu.....tunggu lagi....tgk PC tkde internet jgk...on off lagi....sampai da fed up, kol Singtel la. Singtel plak kata kene kol Singnet! Call Singnet....ya Allah! *Tepuk dahi* Call nak dkt meletop talifon tu...masih tkde orang angkat!!  Good riddance la Singnet!! Ok da fed up.....layan hp jela...

Si Saleha Lenovo. Lenovo ni plak kata..ouh, u can send ur CPU to our Service Centre. We have 2 places..either u send to Bt Timah Shopping Ctr or IBM Changi Business Park. Yang Si Leha ni...tangan dia tgh terkehel.....salah urat..sakit urat tgn tkpela, aku volunteer aku yg angkat CPU tu dari masjid ke taxi... bwk pegi Bt Timah Shopping Ctr.  Da sampai..kene pergi ke tgkt 5! Seb baik ada lif......kene amek nombor plak tu.. OKla, da amek nombor, tunggu lagi dalam setengah jam!!! Bila da sampai kat giliran kita,,, si Nyonya Lenovo ni kata, Ok..our service centre is only for team watever la.. But i can help u send ur CPU to our IBM Centre for them to check! But got charges...I think your motherboard spoilt la..that's y cannot on!" 

The problem is, bkn ke call centre tu kata boleh hanta kat Bt Timah Shopping kenapa si Nyonya ni kata, kene hantar kat Changi IBM Centre plak?! Dahla kene tunggu lama..kene angkat CPU yg 'ringan mcm nk kene baling' tu ! Pastu dia kata tk boleh repair plak! Alamak mangkok hayun punye call centre!

So off we go to IBM Centre ....yang dkt dgn EXPO. 9 Changi Business Park Central 1. Angkat lagi CPU tu.. daripada Bt Timah Shopping Centre to Changi costs us like $18.00!! So, alhmdulillah..bila da sampai kat IBM service centre tu, dorang kata nk kene diagnose dulu and they will send quotation baru they will repair. But that will take around 1 to 2 months!!! Hahahahaha!! Another story! Si Saleha ni nk buat kerja mcm mane eh kalau nk kene tunggu 1 or 2 months... And gez wat?? Kalau repair pon it costs $400 onwards!! OMG! Puasati beli desktop baru kan?? By the way...desktop dia pon da berkhidmat dgn dia since I guess it's time la to get a new PC. Hehehe! 

And the rest of the day, we treat ourselves a Mocha Frappe for me and a Tropical Tango Frizz for Saleha, a happy meal for her dotter and EBI burger for her sister back at home.
Hahahaha! Da beli Mocha Frappe terus rehat jap kat Changi City Point Level 3 Arena.. Cantikla! Mcm Swiss Garden gitu..siap ada sunflower lagi!

Wif Makcik Leha and Mocha Frappe!

So, that's it korang! What a day to start the week! Luckily, it is 5.35pm now....lg 20 mins to knock off.  Cant wait! 

Till we meet again dearies, 


Monday, November 11, 2013


As Salaamu Alayk

As promised, here I am, eager to share with you, this place which to me, is very rarely heard of. The first time I got to know about this place is when Saleha and I, went for shopping around Arab Street, Singapore. We were actually looking for some fabrics and gifts for my mom's birthday. It was a scorching weather and we had a very long day. And so, we were actually looking for something to drink...something refreshing. So, surprisingly as we were blindly looking at roads to cross, I saw something. A very vibrant shop with red, orange and lime green walls.. lined with a pair of lime green tall tables. My legs were suddenly walking towards it and found myself standing right in front of it. Both of us, were excited! 

Just beside Village Hotel. Previously known as Golden Landmark Shopping Centre.

No 118 Arab St Spore 199813

Located at 118 Arab St, this shop is just along the roadside towards the main road of 4 junction heading to Bugis Junction, Victoria St and Rochor Rd.

As it is our 1st time, we are not too sure what to order. But we do know that we need a drink badly! And so, Saleha decided on trying their Caramel Frappe...(She was a caramel freak loyal and faithful lover..) and I set on..errrrmmmmmm........aaaaaaaaaahhhh...I'm sorry I cant remember if mine was a passionfruit milkshake, if I'm not mistaken. 
Where is your drink???
With the drink that I forget its name...Duhh!

Mine was supposedly topped with a whipped cream. But the salesgirl said it just finished. So I requested for an ice-cream topping instead! And yes she agreed ! For free! Bcos, you know, we paid for it the full price with the supposedly whipped cream. And it is not our fault right that it's finished? We just request for a change or substitute, I would say. 

Different toppings well laid and very clean. Most Importantly, it is HALAL! MUIS Certified!

Waiting patiently. Human traffic very low at this time... maybe it is closing or just open. I don't know!

NO! They are not liquor..they are syrups presented in nice bottles..
Their handheld signature waffle

I look up for them at Google and found their FB Page =>

Got some of their pics downloaded and paste it here for easy reference.

Gulpp!! This looks better than the one they pasted on their counter!! 



How can this not fell? only melts in your mouth....hmmmmm! Yummeh!

And they initiate their own Halloween Sweet Treats!! Cool right?!

So, there it is, my 1st writeup on my foodventure. Overall, I rate my drink 5/10.. maybe due to my tiredness, I cant really think on what's best to drink and randomly choose just to quench my thirst. It doesn't really met my expectation. I guess I have to return to this place and get my hands on the signature waffle.

Wait for my next entry to find out my next foodventure.

Signing off!

:: An Introduction::

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb. 

 Hi korang... 

I am freaking new to this blog world. What made me to set up this blog is all thanks to this idea from my crazy cum partner in crime no 2, Saleha. Ok, before I go on with my story let me introduce myself. My name Sri Rifana, aged 28 this year and am a mother of 1 handsome boy named Joshua aka Jaisyullah. Unique tp pelik sikit kan nama anak saya? Hmmm,saya janji saya akan ceritakan pasal dia di lain blog.

My Harry Porter :: Always do magic in my life # LOVE 2

His Birthday Night # LOVE 3

Prata Fav #LOVE 4

Raya Day 1 #LOVE 5
Ok, wat made me to finally settle my mind to open up a blog is due to my friend's wild idea. Sbb saya ni suka makan...errrr...bkn PBG eh, suka explore makanan baru ke lama ke, suka masak utk kawan n family. So she suggest that i do a FOODBLOG!! OMG! I am gonna be a FOODBLOGGER!! Hahahaha! Macam paham jer..mcm real jer... k, irritating syasya commercial pls stop!! 

:: Inspired by #Google taken ::

So due to that idea, i decided to name my blog EAT. PRAY. LOVE. It is not only evolved around food, but abit of Islamic info and sharings...That explains the word,PRAY. And also, there is LOVE.. stories that features around my family and friends..those beloved people around me.

So now, emmmm... im still pondering on which makan place to share, mainly at local restaurants. Food kakis who wish to find new and interesting places, more importantly Halal, can look up this blog of mine. I will have a food partner..the crazy girl who gave me this crazy idea...who will be in most of my pics. There she is... In one of our foodventure and selfies!
Us! #LOVE 6

Waiting for her to order #LOVE 7
She's right Pastamania Paya Lebar! #LOVE 8 aka Saleha Soffyan

Insya Allah, more to come. Check out for more halal food here in Singapore... more Love stories from my family and friends and ofcos, some Prayers for our well beings.

Signing out!