Monday, November 18, 2013

Eighteen Chef #EAT2

Salam Dearies and Gorgeous, 

today's entry is  #EAT 2 at Eighteen Chef at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Eighteen Chefs have workers who have conviction backgrounds and were one troubled and challenged youths. They were brought in to Eighteen Chefs to make them realise their talent in Food and Beverage Industry and to reintegrate into the society. And that was all about it that I know about Eighteen Chef. however, we are going to know more one we set our foot right in it. 

I cant remember when that Saleha and I went here. But we were so hungry that day that we decided to give it a try. The ambience is welcoming with red sofas and chairs and yellow lightings  The menu is somehow abit confusing as we can actually decide to have our own choice of dish out of our own creation. And so we have to take the risk of what we have chosen. But fortunately, there are some ala carte dish that we can still choose from and I decided to try, Tom Yam Macaronni and Home Made Ice Lemon Tea. 
#EAT Tom Yam Macaroni
Hey! It looks rather bland tho, but, it makes me keep thinking of it till this very minute. I was so stumped by the taste bcos it was very delicious. I mean for a tom yam lover, I would give this a 4.5/ 5. And the was normal and acceptable kind. Ouh, and the price was reasonable too!

Saleha decided to set on Curry Fish with Rice... Actually, I forgot what she ordered but...looking at the picture, it looks like curry and fish. Hahaha! Sorry beb!


#EAT Saleha, is this Fish Curry u eat?

Well friends, I forgot to ask Saleha how is the taste to her. But, more importantly, our stomachs are filled and we are definitely happy! Especially Me! 

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